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Opera Program

Here you can view the Socrates program containing character descriptions, scene summaries, lyrics, author’s biographies and more.

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Socrates The Original Musical Drama


Socrates has been loved by audiences and critics, and at this moment is being presented to major theaters. You do not need to be involved in or love opera to love Socrates, it’s an opera designed and written for everybody! All you need to appreciate this opera is an interest in the human race.

My original musical background is in opera. Considering the world we live in, I have always been fascinated by people like Socrates, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Four different times, four different characters, but each of these men died for "saying it like it is", and they paid the ultimate price: death. Nothing new, really. Think about it, think out of the box. The only difference between these four periods of time and today’s world is the internet. Our mentalities, some of us humans, still haven’t learned to “judge by the character”. This is one of the reasons people in and out of the music world feel attracted to "Socrates, the Opera".

I was recently commissioned to compose a 30-minute Symphonic-Choral version of Socrates the Musical Drama. The purpose of this commission was to introduce the opera to the general public, giving them an idea of the intensity and drama of the 2-hour complete opera. I finished the Socrates Symphony a few months ago, but recently have decided to start adding and taking out certain elements in order to increase the levels of intensity and drama.

Attending one of my "lectures-performances" of Socrates might change the way you look at this world and many things around you.

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Requests for the 'Socrates' Piano-Vocal 'Performance-Lecture' to VISIT YOUR COUNTRY, CITY (starting at $5,000).

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Lectures-performances on other music topics are available for everybody: private individuals, businesses, foundations, corporations, private or public institutions/organizations. Do not miss this opportunity.

Here you can view the "Socrates PROGRAM" containing character descriptions, scene summaries, lyrics, author’s biographies and more:
Click here to download and view PDF.


Song for up coming Musical
"Uh-Huh Lovin'"
by Gabriel Klavun
Performed by Caitlyn Claussens and Gabriel Klavun
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