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"I am amazed at the music you created. I think we will have our audience weeping.
Thank you again."

W. Allen Wrede



One of my favorite activities is to collaborate with executives, investors, artists, directors, producers, individuals, businesses, foundations, corporations, private/public organizations and institutions to determine how to use any kind of music for their particular purposes and individual needs. No matter what ideas are brought to me - from small projects to huge events - I offer you:
  • Project building from scratch
  • Assessment and fixing of in-progress projects
  • Completion of unfinished projects
  • Overall enhancement and improvement at any stage
  • Music Software Creation & Development

The One & Only 'IAMBP' (International Artistic Music Business Plan) Music App (for Android, Iphone coming up..). Take your international professional music career to the TOP level & establish yourself at ALL levels GLOBALLY.

I also have a lot of experience dealing with ALL LEGAL matters of the International Music Industry. Copyrights, trademarks, contracts, etc. BEST consulting, planning & execution.

I make people feel comfortable with their projects through a friendly, personalized project execution plan that offers the best results. Most importantly, consulting with me will save time, money and trouble. I always try to be flexible and work with your budget.

From simple consultations to the largest jobs, all of my fees vary depending on your needs and type of project. I generally follow industry standards.

Online Skype Consultations available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Skype: omacmusicalex

Please Note: Consultation fees starting at $500

Performance Lecture

This "behind the scenes" look at the making of my Original Musical Drama, along with the 'Lecture-Performance' of highlights, was a GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO HELP PEOPLE THROUGH MUSIC.

"Flying High" Performed by Sabrina
Produced & Mixed by Ajami
© 2014

"Uncover" Performed by Zara Larsson
Produced & Mixed by Ajami
© 2014

"Hands Up" Performed by Keenan Cahill & Electrovamp
Mixed by Ajami
© 2014

"Wondering" Performed by Ivelin
Mixed & Mastered by Ajami
© 2014

"Replaceable" by Gabriel Klavun
Performed by Caitlyn Claussens
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