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"I've been listening to your music this evening, really great stuff. I love how emotional it is, and your playing is incredible. I can't wait to hear what you come up with for the film!"

Film Director

Film Scoring


As a music consultant and supervisor, I will help you through the process of setting up music to your video and film ideas. As a sound designer, I will put all my senses into your idea so you get the overall ‘sonic character’ most appropriate for your production. As a composer I will create original music, sound effects and soundtracks of any kind, for any purpose, and any format, both film and video.

Any project, from small to large:
  • Web Videos
  • Video Games
  • Small Business Videos
  • Private Event Videos
  • Video Commercials
  • Industrial Films
  • TV Series to Films
  • Documentaries
  • Shorts
  • The Big Screen
"La Mejor Besadora"
by Gabriel Klavun

Sound Design
"Cinematic Game FX". Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Ajami
© 2014

My classical and formal training background allows me to create sounds that are 100% real, mixed with the highest level of professionalism. One of the most difficult “atmospheres to create” are orchestral and choral sounds. Having grown up listening to real orchestras and rehearsing in the middle of them, I am extremely comfortable creating unique orchestral and choral atmospheres. As a producer I am extremely detail-oriented. During pre-production, production and post-production of recording sessions, I will make sure that all the details of the sound/soundtrack of your video/film are done right.

I know how to work with deadlines and, depending on the project, I generally offer two or more different ‘final versions’ of your soundtrack.

If you have the RIGHT BUDGET to have a 'LIVE' ENSEMBLE/CHORUS/ORCHESTRA performing your SOUNDTRACK, I'll UNIQUELY CONDUCT your ensemble/chorus/orchestra PLUS I will take care of ALL Pre-Production/Production & Post-Production DETAILS having to do with finding, AUDITIONING, and hiring a 'LIVE' ORCHESTRA.

Like I always say: "the best film scoring enhances the film, it doesn't take it over."

Please Note: Fees depend upon each individual project
Please contact me directly for pricing information

"Need You Severe"
by Gabriel Klavun
"Motel 6" by Lion P Gansta
"Don't Ever Call Me"
by Gabriel Klavun
"Hola Que Tal" Performed by Daniel Silva
Composed & Produced by William Puchi
© 2013

"Wondering" Performed by Ivelin
Mixed & Mastered by Ajami
© 2014

Nominated for the 2006 Spotlight On Awards for the soundtrack to Winter (a play adaptation) based on William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.
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