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Lesson Guide

From opera to hip hop, from composing to performing, I can help you reach your goals. For more information, please download and view a PDF lesson guide.


24 hours / 7 days a week

  • The BEST lessons, courses and instructors
  • The BEST prices. Starting at $40 per 1 hour & 15 minutes
  • ANY music subject and/or genre you want
  • We'll customized your lessons
  • Practical 'real world' lessons/sessions
Contact me directly for details:
Alex R. Feo
Skype: omacmusicalex

Here's a testimonial from one of my Online students:

Alex and his Omac Music Team can teach anything when it comes to music. With Alex's personal respectful approach, from my very first Online Skype lesson I learned a lot and continue doing it, the deeper I get into the lessons the more I enjoy them and the more my music experience grows. I've been learning everything I want in the most practical way I've ever seen.

This is the Online music course to take from wherever you are in the world.

Robert Cassola

Exciting Private Music Lessons!


I always go straight to the issues that are critical to know when you are trying to learn music in an extremely profound and detail oriented way. I will take the appropriate time for each topic and provide you with all the tools (and extra tools) to master your music interest, whether you want to be a professional or just learn music for your own pleasure. One of the problems with some music colleges and universities nowadays is that they do not teach this way. They spend too many months and years teaching elements and techniques that can be explained in weeks and days. After graduation, they haven't prepared you with “real world tools” to take on the music industry.

In my exciting private music lessons you can learn (these are structured or customized lessons/courses):

  • Reading Music
  • Songwriting
  • Piano-Synthesizer Technique / Interpretation
  • Original Composition / Orchestration in ANY GENRE, from 'solo(s)' to orchestral/choral
  • Professional Performance
  • Directing and Conducting bands, ensembles, choral groups, orchestras
  • Voice Technique / Coaching and Role Interpretation in Spanish, German, Italian, English
  • Understanding Music History
  • Music Technology
  • International Music Business (Contracts, Negotiations, Deals, etc)
  • Film Scoring
  • NEW, UNIQUE WORLD METHOD based on ' Memory, Expressions, Practical Situations, Psychology & Body Language '. Customized (glossary..) for musicians, executives, managers, agents, people in the International Entertainment Industry: LEARN ENGLISH in just 3 months (6 months to speak fluently). Start out speaking from the very first lesson. Part of our Amateur & Professional Career 'IAMBP' International Artistic Music Business Plan.

"Real-world, practical skills". ALL ARE WELCOME/ANY AGE, from music fans to professional musicians. I'm fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.

Please Note: Fees depend upon each individual student
Please contact me directly for pricing information

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Here's a testimonial from one of my students:

"Coaching with Alejandro is fun. He is able to size up my shortcomings, appeal to my strengths and illuminate the music. His focus on performance serves me well in auditions (and help always my nervousness.) He is able to inspire me to find the musicality of my songs without dictating to me. I recently performed in my first opera production and his guidance prepared me for rehearsals and performances in ways which never conflicted with my conductor and director.

Learning composition with Alejandro is amazing. His is able to meet my enthusiasm with patience and openness. Our classes proceed at my pace but with an awareness of what more is available. Our lessons do not follow some received lesson plan but are able to move spontaneously. Alejandro is able to help me compose without imposing his tastes on my music. He is able to refer to great works by great composers and draw parallels to the projects I work on."

W. Allen Wrede
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